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Talent Strategy


Human capital investment priority strategy

Human capital is the knowledge and skill that people can make creative labor through learning and training in the individual. The formation of human capital is achieved through multi channel and multi channel human capital investment.

The strategy of realizing the value of talent

The value of talent refers to the social general labor time of materialized in the person, that is, the human capital which can be used in the creative labor on the body of talent. The realization of talents' value refers to the recognition and compensation that a qualified person can provide services, labor and creative activities, including material reward and spiritual encouragement.

Adjustment strategy of talent structure

The economic structure determines the structure of talent. The wave of world science and technology revolution has promoted the continuous development of the world economy in structural adjustment. With the change of China's national economic structure, the task of adjusting the structure of talent is very urgent. According to the spirit of the relevant documents that embody the strategy of China's talent and powerful nation, the adjustment of China's talent structure will pay more attention to the role of market mechanism in the way of macro adjustment, and at the same time, it is supplemented by legal and administrative means.